Bike Mechanic Program and Rentals.

Ask about renting bikes at your lodge
Ride 4 A Woman trained a small group of eight local women to be bike mechanics for the rental program. In early 2012, they graduated as Bwindi’s (and possibly Uganda’s) only female bike mechanics. The women have their own workshop from which they can repair bicycles and also earn an income from bike rentals and bike tours. As part of their training, Ride 4 A Woman gave the 8 women their own bike to enable them to be more independent.
We have a nice fleet of mountain bikes for you to rent and ride through the enchanting forest. From your saddle you will see one of the world’s oldest ecosystems—the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is one of only a few forests that survived the ice age. You’ll see so many types of plants and birds, you’ll stop counting and if your lucky will see some of the primates that make the forest their home, such as red tailed monkeys, l’Hoest monkeys and the black and white colobus monkey.

Tour Options

Forest Trail: This trail will take you right through the forest from the park headquarters to River Ivi. This is where you’ll see the many incredible plants and animals of the forest. Average ride time is three hours.
Village Trail: This trail will take you through the Bwindi/Buhoma village following the village walk route for you to enjoy the culture of Bwindi people. Average ride time is one to two hours depending on how many people you stop to chat with.

The program expanded beyond bicycle renting and mechanics when a group of Australian tourists met Evelyne and offered to help her start a sewing program. This led to the need of a community building for the programs to take place, which was completed in 2012 and is called the Bwindi Women’s Community Centre. Today, Ride 4 A Woman strives to empower many local women by providing them with training in local crafts, textiles, bicycle repair and English instruction.