Our mission is empowering women and this is for the over 300 women members that we have got in this organization. Since inception we have relied on our kind friends and well wishers from far and wide to come to our aid and help us continue growing

In 2012, The sewing program was launched in conjunction with the 3 Australian ladies- Jill Billston, Patricia Salau and Kim Reilly. Among the vocational skills we are training sewing was identified as a skill that the women of Ride 4 A Woman can take home and earn a living out of. We started off by identifying 16 women among the 300 women members that we have that could be trained to become trainers of the rest. We now we have 52 women at the centre everyday sewing and making different products every day.

When the women come to learn it’s a 3 weeks intensive training class and at the end of this training you are handed a certificate. You are then distributed to one of the groups that come every day to learn. When you fill you have mastered a skill you then graduated and can apply for a loan ..Read More  Our hope is that every women will have her own sewing kit and she can go off and set up shop at home and earn a living using her sewing kit.

We have tailored our products to being relevant to the average person’s daily use. The products that the women make are 100% out of African fabric. We make Aprons, bags, Ipad cover, Bookmarks…………. See More

Here is a statement from one of the older members of the group. ‘’When the sewing program started, looking at myself and my age am 60 years old, I honestly didn’t think I had any hope to even learn. I came here to learn but wasn’t sure what I was going to do. The sewing machines were so intimidating that I didn’t know if I could even peddle one. However, the beauty of our organization is such that there is something for everyone to do. Am one of the best hand stitchers in the group and I carry the Quality control role for the hand stitching. The money I earn here helps me to do a lot for my family like paying school fees especially and feeding my family and I pray our group stays.’’ Lydia Koichenga’s testimony.