Welcome to the Bwindi Community Home stay

The Bwindi Community Homestay  is located adjacent to Bwindi impenetrable national park. We have got 8 rooms ensuite with 8 bathrooms. The Guest house can sleep a maximum of 16. We serve Western and African cuisine prepared by a local chef using freshly grown vegetables from our very own garden (link to agriculture). We serve 3 meals a day and our dinners are usually 3 course menus. If you are going Gorilla trekking in the beautiful Bwindi National park we provide you with a packed lunch. All rooms are equipped with hot running water and there is a generator switched on for power. We have also got WIFI available at the centre.

Why stay with us?

The Bwindi Community Homestay is run under our program of domestic violence. This house was built for the domestically abused women of bwindi to act as a safe temporary refuge. There is a 54% domestic abuse rate in Uganda and this is usually higher in the rural villages. As such following our mission of empowering women we wanted to do our part in reducing this vice. Thus the Mwebesa house (translated as the house that helps you forget your worries) was constructed through donations.

How it works?

We run all our programs as an organization sustainably and this is how it works. We have created a simple but very nice accommodation facility equipped with very comfortable beds and mattresses. The money that is collected from the Guests who stay in the Mwebesa house is then used to purchase food, clothes, kids clothes and pay for a counselor as well as maintain the building. The victims can only stay until after they have sorted out their differences with their families. While at the house they then get to oin the rest of the women that we are training to learn a skill like sewing and learning the modern agriculture methods.

Accommodation Room Features