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Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, in the south west of Uganda, is home to the endangered mountain gorilla. A large community of local people inhabits the edge of the national park in a village called Buhoma. The women of this community form the cornerstone of their families; raising the children, working the land, tending to their animals and performing many other daily tasks that fill their days from sun up to sun down. Since these women are so busy trying to make ends meet, they do not have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a career, or earn money. Often, the women will explain how they feel undervalued and disempowered. To help these women, Habasa Evelyne and her husband Rubalema Denis formed Ride 4 A Woman in 2009. The program started by renting bicycles to tourists with the hope of generating money to start a job-training program for the women. As time went on, there became a need for bike maintenance so Evelyne and Denis started training local women

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The Bwindi Community Homestay is run under our program of domestic violence. This house was Read More

asdOur mission is Empowering women in Bwindi Villages and this is for the over 300 women members that we have got in this organization. Since inception we have relied on our kind friends and well wishers from far and wide to come to our aid and help us continue growing

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While our bicycle rentals and tours do a good job of covering our basic costs, we rely on donations from our Friends of R4W in order to take our programs to new levels. We appreciate all donations large and small. You can make a donation to any one of our program Read More

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