The backborne of our soceities in Africa has always been agriculture and this is still the case in majority of rural Africa.. The women have been central in this as they are the ones tending to the fields 80% of the time. The men only cut bushes or just drink alcohol all day long. Using manual labour on top of fending for all the children you have got can be a daunting task, With land a very scarce commmodity against an increasing population everyday it has become imperative to learn improved modern ways of farming.

Through our agriculture program we are teaching the women improved methods of agriculture. At the women’s centre we are teaching the women how to create sack gardens which can feed you in a small space and you can sell the surplus. The average sack garden can last for up to 2 years. The women mostly grow cabohydrate foods and we are adding nutritious food to the mix. We are teaching them how to grow vegetables and herbs to add to their families diets.
We are providing the women with seeds for growing. An agriculture expert visits their homes to show them how best to get the most from their gardens as well as monitoring.

We are also teaching the women a sustainable way of how to rear animals so that they can get the most out of all the animals they rear. At the women’s centre, we have demonstrated using a controlled free rang system of chicken rearing. The chicken feed from a controlled (caged off) environment built with a chicken shade were the droppings go through a wire mesh at night making them easy to collect. These are then used to make organic manure which increases on the fertility of the soils. There is a special section in the shade were the eggs are laid and collected without interfering with the chicken.
Through this program we hope to increase on the food security of the individual households and also add to their incomes.