The lack of access to credit affects the true empowerment of women everywhere in the world. This is the same for the women in this community of Bwindi. We decided to do our part about this and started a microfinance program. With our partners Opening Doors Worldwide  this program kicked off and is doing very well. Starting with $5000 in the first year we distributed loans among 14 women as a test try and it was very successful.

The biggest difference has been in the way we adminster these loans; we cut out all the red tape, the application forms were translated in the local language and the members guarantee each other. All the adminstration costs are being covered separately. The interest rate on the loans is 2% which is low and allows for easy repayment.

The women started businesses ranging from sewing to rearing goats and selling retail. They continue to perform the businesses and to grow in their lives, their income and the well being of their families. We hope serve all the 300 women members that we have got that one day they could all access credit through this program. We hope that this program can grow into the first women’s bank in Bwindi.